My monthly payment was supposed to be taken out, but I do not see it on my account?

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2014 04:20PM CDT
Generally, all payments are automatically processed on the 1st of each month, unless otherwise stated in the payment plan description for the event. If the 1st of the month lands on a weekend or holiday, payments will be processed on the next business day.

If for any reason your initial attempt is declined, you may be notified via email with further instructions. If you have new account information, such as a new billing address or new card, please log-in to your account to update. You may also resubmit a failed payment or pay off the order in full under your purchase account.

In order to resubmit declined payments, please log in to your account, view Order History, select the order, and then click Manage Payment Plan. You will see the declined payment and a retry button near the decline. Click on the retry button to retry the payment. You will be emailed a receipt when the payment is successful.

In order to pay-in-full, follow the directions above for payment resubmission, but instead of clicking retry, click Pay In Full.

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