Why isn't my Loyalty code working? (Electric Forest)

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2016 06:52PM CST
You've received a Loyalty On Sale code? Great! This article will demonstrate how to use a valid pass-code. Pass-codes are used to grant special access to early on sales and ticket-types. Please do not share your unique code(s).

Please note, pass-type and pricing in these images are only for educational purposes and do not reflect true pricing or offerings.

Step 1: First, carefully read the description and/or email instructions given with your code, as codes are time-sensitive. 

Step 2: Second, make sure to write down your code exactly as shown.

Step 3: Once you have your code written down, and the time-frame for your on sale has begun, visit http://electricforestfestival.com and select the wristband or lodging package you would like to purchase. Look for an "ENTER CODE" box, and enter your code. In this example we are using "Password1." Make sure there are no extra spaces before or after your code, then select Go

If you entered your code correctly, and your on sale is active, your page will refresh and you'll be able to add available ticket options to your cart. 

Your code not working? Make sure you are:
  • using the code during the allotted time-frame, as they expire or you may be too early.
  • not entering any extra spaces.
  • entering the promo as shown in the offer letter/email.
  • not entering the letter "O" as the numeric "0," or the letter "I" as the numeric "1."
If you have issues with using your code, please contact loyalty@electricforestfestival.com.

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