I need to update my stored card. (Electric Forest)

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017 08:46AM CST
This article will demonstrate how to update a stored card under your purchase account.

Step 1: First, visit your Electric Forest Purchase Account website HERE, and login. 
We recommend bookmarking your site for future easy-access!

Step 2: Once at your purchase account website, look for the Sign In button, and sign-in. 

The Sign In box will appear. Next, enter your log-in information and log-in. If you logged in through Facebook during your purchase, please continue to log-in through Facebook.
If you forgot your password, select the Forgot Password tab and send yourself a verification email.

Step 3: After signing in, please select Your Account then Account Details.

Step 4: Next, select the Billing Information tab, and update your card details. Please make sure to select Update after updating. When your update is successful, you will receive green text confirming its success and you will be sent an email to your login email address confirming your update.

Please note, the CVC code will appear to not save. If you are on a layaway plan and updating your card, it will save to process your next scheduled payments. However, when making new purchases, you will be asked to re-enter the CVC during checkout for security purposes.

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